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What have women in Tower Hamlets been saying?

Despite covid-19 restrictions in place throughout the year, we have still managed to connect with many mothers across Tower Hamlets to understand more about their experience of maternity services. This is what we've heard:

What's working well in the borough?

Women have said that they found the Barkantine birth centre and Tower Hamlets breastfeeding service to be really useful, with kind and friendly staff.

"Very friendly and supportive professionals - including HV, GP, breastfeeding support team, children's centre staff and NHS psychotherapist. I felt listened to without being judged or patronised and was always given practical support and advice when needed" - Black British Mum, 40-44, baby born August 2020.

Themes that have emerged following conversations with women in the borough:

1. Breastfeeding support is still lacking on postnatal ward

We have received very mixed comments for Whipps Cross, with some women commenting on good the service is and others commenting on the lack of care, poor service and rude staff:

"The team who performed the C-section were absolutely brilliant. They made me feel calm and confident. I cannot praise them highly enough for their professionalism. I do wish that I received some support during the 'golden hour' after birth as I wanted to do skin to skin and to be supported to breastfeed but unfortunately this never happened" - Black British Mum, 40-44, baby born August 2020

"Most of the midwives at Whipps are very rude, when you're on one to one care, some push the buzzer off or very far so you cannot reach" - Black African Mum, 40-44, baby born Nov 2019.

2. Access to Maternity Mates services are reduced due to lack of face-to-face appointments

If you have experience of maternity services in Tower Hamlets that you would like to share, please complete our survey here.

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