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What have women in Newham been saying?

Despite covid-19 restrictions in place throughout the year, we have still managed to connect with many mothers across Newham to understand more about their experience of maternity services. This is what we've heard:

What's working well in the borough?

Attending women's experience forums, which are held fortnightly and chaired by Heads of Midwifery and other Head of Service leads.

Themes that have emerged following conversations with women in the borough:

1. Mums are not being listened to:

"Postnatal care on the postnatal ward was incredibly poor and I will be writing a formal complaint" - Black British Mum, Newham Hospital, baby born July 2020.

2. Lack of breastfeeding support

"Breastfeeding is the main issue at Newham Hospital. Women are not being educated on the benefits of colostrum and are being badgered by midwives into mixed feeding" - MVP Member, baby born September 2020.

3. Poor postnatal care

"More support needs to be given postnatally to first time mums and those who can't get out of bed" - Black British Mum, Newham Hospital, baby born July 2020.

"Give aftercare support to partners. At least one appointment with a GP, ore healthcare professional before and after birth" - Asian Mum, Newham Hospital, baby born July 2019.

If you have experience of maternity services in Newham that you would like to share, please complete our survey here.

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