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Monthly update - January 2021

Hello and welcome to our new monthly newsletter, where we will keep you up to date with all the amazing things we have been up to in the last month, and the things that we are hoping to achieve in the coming month.

Firstly, I would like to welcome in the new year with some hope that by Spring all our futures will look a bit brighter. To acknowledge how hard it has been on front line workers, who have been the busiest they have ever been. And to understand how hard it has been on all our mental health and wellbeing.

I would also like to inform you that Carly Bond our Head of Delivery has left Best Beginnings to spread her passion and enthusiasm elsewhere. And we welcome Jennifer Ogunyemi as Delivery Project Lead to our Best Beginnings family. Jennifer is a local of Tower Hamlets and has many connections within East London.

As well as our usual social media posts and contact with the EL LMS meetings, we will be continuing to collect maternity experiences from local women to feedback into the system and highlight not only where change and improvements are needed, but to also celebrate some of the good that we come across.

We will be sending out invites to our Dare to Prepare meeting in the coming week for mums and members to share in more detail, issues and findings to highlight at our next MVP meeting in March. With the continuation of the lockdown, we will be actively trying to join as many virtual mum and baby groups and antenatal groups as possible to share information on service changes and support that is available. We are also focusing on getting our survey onto as many e-Newsletters as possible, so any suggestions you may have please let us know by return email. In addition, we will also be meeting to finalise our co-designed and updated survey to be rolled out by February, so again if you would like to take part please contact us.

And finally, I feel really positive for the year ahead as we say Welcome back to Farzana Khanom our Tower Hamlets Co-Chair, and I would like to introduce and welcome Rochelle Nicholas-Bastien our new Chair for Newham. Both are amazing women with lots of insight that will really take us forward. We are actively looking for a chair for Waltham Forest, and a Co-Chair for Tower Hamlets so if you know any new mums with a passion for maternity please let us know.

For any more information, we are here for you, so please feel free to email, message or contact us through our social media platforms.


Facebook: East London Maternity Voices

Instagram: eastlondonmaternityvoices


Monthly Newsletter

January 2021

Warmest Regards,

Tara & Marcia MVP Coordinators

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