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What have women in Waltham Forest been saying?

Despite covid-19 restrictions in place throughout the year, we have still managed to connect with many mothers across Tower Hamlets to understand more about their experience of maternity services. This is what we've heard:

What's working well in the borough?

Doulas have been a valuable resource in building traction and were able to highlight issues women have been facing such as uncertainty and abandonment. Felipe told us that "mums can self refer to Birth Reflections with their name, NHS number and reason for contacting the clinic".

Feedback that has emerged following conversations with women in the borough:

We have received very mixed comments for Whipps Cross, with some women commenting on good the service is and others commenting on the lack of care, poor service and rude staff:

"I was listened to and given time. I saw a few different midwives but one main one, which I developed a lovely relationship with" - White British Mum, 35-39, baby born Jan 2020

"Most of the midwives at Whipps are very rude, when you're on one to one care, some push the buzzer off or very far so you cannot reach" - Black African Mum, 40-44, baby born Nov 2019.

Questions that have emerged from follow up calls:

  1. When will partner and visiting restrictions be lifted?

  2. Why is my partner not allowed into Triage with me?

  3. Why can't I bring my partner with me to scans?

  4. Why can't I have a waterbirth?

If you have experience of maternity services in Waltham Forest that you would like to share, please complete our survey here.

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